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To all med students

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    How many hours (or minutes) do you spend revising every day? Those studying as graduates, does this differ with how long you studied your first degree?

    (Original post by 1lastchance)
    How many hours (or minutes) do you spend revising every day? Those studying as graduates, does this differ with how long you studied your first degree?
    I did mostly **** all for my first degree outside of exam time. In the first two years I did **** all around exam time too really, now I think back on it. I wasn't a particularly good student at that time, mostly because I was doing a degree I didn't really want to be doing in the first place #GEPproblems

    For med school during pre-clinical I'd probably spend an hour or two a day making notes after lectures. I went pretty crazy with revision for pre-clinical exams tbh, I had a very intense timetable as I'd heard a lot of horror stories about the pre-clinical exams and people being kicked out etc.

    For clinical years I went the opposite way and didn't make any notes at all. I'd do some reading during lunch time or when I got home if there was something I needed to brush up on. Or I'd do MCQs online. Some days I'd get home and just do no further studying at all. I think during clinical years if you're switched on and you turn up and get involved you can learn a lot simply by being there. So you don't have to go home and do book learning. Which is fine by me.

    I remember being way more stressed out for pre-clinical exams compared to Finals. My Finals revision timetable was actually pretty relaxed, mostly because we got lots of study leave, so I didn't feel the need to kill myself with Red Bull and all nighters.

    Overall I definitely worked way harder during med school and spent far less time getting hammered compared to my first degree, but that was fine because it was what I actually wanted to be doing

    I spent about the same amount of time, to be honest.. probably about an extra hour a day outside of 'normal working hours' (9-5). Most of that wasn't revision, though, it was just...*vision.

    Exam-time is different. For finals in my first degree, I worked most waking hours (like, 9am-10pm) for about six weeks leading up to my exams, giving myself one weekend day off a week, and taking a long lunch in the middle of the working days. In the pre-clinical years of Medicine, I did pretty much the same, over about two months leading up to my exams. Then in clinical years, it was much harder to motivate myself to work like that, so I just did what I could, when I could be bothered. I kept that up for most of final year (an hour of MCQs here, a practice of an OSCE station there, some note-writing elsewhere..), and then spent two solid weeks of study leave before finals squirrelled away in Cumbria just revising/doing OSCE practice and only emerging to eat.
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