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Is it realistic to teach myself Graphic Design whilst studying for another degree?

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    Graphic Design is my #2 career choice.

    If my degree subject doesn't work out (it is highly competitive and a fairly unstable line of work), I would like to teach myself Graphic Design on the side.

    Most have told me it will be much more difficult for me to find work if I don't take it as a degree subject.

    However, I have good developing knowledge (HTML, CSS etc), which I'm hoping will give me the edge and I have heard of a few people who have made it as self-taught graphic designers.

    I have always been an artist and have sketchbooks of work as well as an eye for design - and am able in web programming and know how to market myself.

    However, my degree subject over the next few years will doubtless take up a lot of my time (and I will have to work a part-time job on the side). My degree subject, however, is not the most demanding compared to many other subjects.

    Is it realistic for me to teach myself Graphic Design on the side?
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    Op, what is your first career choice as it's very hard for me to give advice on.

    I've just complete my degree in Graphic Design and your friend is right. I've been searching for Graphic Design jobs and most are requiring you to have a degree.

    You could do it part- time, but honestly studying for a degree is exhausting, you'll be surprised about the amount of people who have dropped out as the years go by. Also, in year 2 and 3, you may get away with going Graphic Design part in year 1..but as most Universities count year 2 and year 3 towards your final classification grade, you may feel pressured to get a really good mark. Hence not being able to spend doing Graphics part time.

    I don't know what your career first choice is, but if I was you, I will do the degree in Graphic Design; it's not just about learning how to use Photoshop, illustrator and so forth...it's how you complement your design, layout, the use of typography and so forth. Plus doing a degree will expand on your portfolio; your tutors will be able to critique and give you guidance about your portfolio and so forth.

    It's great you know about CSS, HTML, this will take you very far in the design world!

    *part time
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Updated: August 29, 2016
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