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An international student starting university with social anxiety.. help

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    I have been accepted to Warwick a few days ago, and was told to attend the orientation programme for international students that begins a week before freshers week.

    There are two major factors that are holding me back from applying, first its the cost - even the accommodation alone will cost me £80, I talked to my mother about this and even she is reluctant to say yes at this moment. The second one is, obviously, my social anxiety. I've had social anxiety for a few years, while it didn't get worse, it didn't get better either. The social aspects of the event is a bit daunting to me. Maybe I could wait till freshers weeks, when I'm sure quite a few societies will interest me...

    I have done A levels before so this is not my first time studying in the UK. However I can see this programme helping me to settle down, giving me time to adjust to the new environment and just helping me with all the administrative/technical stuff that I would love to save the trouble for someone else lol and if I'm lucky I will get along with my flatmates/coursemates etc before anyone else, but my crippling anxiety is a huge problem here. I'm also a bit worried that if I didn't attend the orientation, being your typical shy introvert with social anxiety, all the international students will have formed their little circles and I will have a hard time fitting in both international students and local students.

    Another thing I have to mention is that I will be leaving home for the entire academic year - from October to June, it's very unlikely that I will return home during holidays (damn the plane ticket prices ), so I'm thinking if the induction event will kinda ease me into uni life without having to worry about everything / getting overwhelmed because the uni staff will be taking care of all the bits and bobs.... if that makes any sense

    So, apologies for the long paragraphs, should I suck it up and attend the orientation, or should I save the money (my family is pretty frugal) since there will be more opportunities to meet people afterwards?

    (Original post by bibimbab)
    I have been accepted to Warwick a few days ago, and was told to attend the orientation programme for international students that begins a week before freshers week....
    Obviously the financial side is your decision, but I personally think it might be a good idea to attend. There will probably be a fewer people at the orientation event whereas freshers events can be extremely crowded. I found that I had to duck out of a few freshers events because they were just too busy for me to handle. Also, you have a common ground with other international students which might help start conversations.

    No matter how you start uni, the first couple of days will probably be quite a rush of new faces and things to do. Being at an event geared specifically towards international students seems like it would be easier to handle, in my opinion.

    I did not gain a lot from it. I made friends the following week when all the students arrived.
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Updated: August 23, 2016
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