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Article: Four things we'll be doing with wearables in the next decade

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    You'll have heard of wearable technology appearing in watches, jewellery and glasses. But what do we mean when we talk about 'wearables', and what will we see from the technology in coming years?

    We've asked an expert, Dr Daniel Roggen from the Sensor Technology Research Centre at University of Sussex. Here, he offers an insight into what we can expect from wearables in the near future.

    Read on to discover what's coming soon, and then add your questions for Dr Roggen below. He'll be joining us on the site very soon.


    :eek4: I hope the robots don't take over :lol:

    What was the kind of process for getting things to automatically pick up what you're doing? You mentioned volleyball players but was it like looking at them serve (or asking them to serve in a particular way) and then registering that somehow (in a complicated way, no doubt) that that kind of motion or anything very similar is x type of serve?

    What do you think the implications will be for virtual reality?

    I am a gamer and so it seems extremely exciting to me, and developments to me look really promising in this area.

    But I suppose this could be applied to quite novel areas as well?; like training highly complex skills where practicing in the real world is difficult (such as surgery); but also with things like the news in placing people in the moment (and so, making people feel more connected and care more about things that happen perhaps more distant to themselves).

    Is there a particular area that you are excited about? The component of biofeedback in those with poor health sounds very interesting.

    Also, do you think there may be considerable problems with things such as privacy?

    I've been waiting eagerly since 1992 for CD-ROM shoulder pads - will such innovative ideas become reality in the near future?

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Updated: August 24, 2016
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