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Financial crisis in third-year, have SFE made a mistake? (please help me)

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    So I'm in such a huge panic now. I'm going into my third and final year of University this September, I'm a low income student as my mum's a single parent so I'm entitled to the maximum maintenance grant and loan which is what I've been given in my first couple of years. I also have to pay my rent for the term in advance rather than monthly because of my families financial situation which is a pain.

    So I received an email saying there's been a change in my SFE application. I've been expecting my final year payments to be the exact same, apparently they're not as I've now found out final year students get less for reasons which are understandable. Here's what is frightening me, my second year payments were:

    Maintenance Loan - £4,821.00
    1st payment - £1590.93
    2nd payment - £1590.93
    3rd payment - £1639.14

    Maintenance Grant - £3,387.00
    1st payment - £1129.00
    2nd payment - £1129.00
    3rd payment - £1129.00

    So for example in the first term I received £1590.93 + £1129 which is £2719. Subtract my rent I have to pay in advance, which was roughly £1500. I was left with £1219 to last the term, I managed decent.

    Well now according to SFE, all I'll be receiving is a maintenance loan of
    £1,172.49 for the first two terms, and £1, 208.02 in the last one.
    This doesn't even cover my rent. I'm so stressed out because I'm supposed to be going back in 4 weeks, I've worked all summer, now my third-year might not even be possible, surely there must be a mistake? Surely they wouldn't just cut my finances like that, it's unfair and frankly not possible for me to get by on. At all. Please help me guys, what's going on?

    It doesn't sound as though you've been income assessed?

    Hi there.

    Have you been given no grant at all for this year?

    This would only occur if your mother has not provided her income figures for this year, or the household income has gone over the threshold which is unlikely if you've been entitled to the full grant before.

    I'd recommend calling SFE on 0300 100 0607 and asking them to check if your application has been income assessed and they can advise how to have it changed back.

    It's worth doing ASAP as financial information is currently taking 2-3 weeks to assess once received.

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Updated: August 30, 2016
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