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History PGCE - A realistic option?

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    Morning All,To cut a long story short I graduated with a high 2.1 (67) in German & Politics from a good Russell Group uni last summer. Since graduating I've been working in a German-speaking office role in London.
    I'm now however considering a career in teaching. I've got A-level French alongside my degree level German so I'd be eligible for an MFL PGCE but it's History that was always my favourite subject at school. Ironically I actually applied for History & German at university but was offered Politics instead as History had reached capacity by my time of application.
    My question therefore is whether I have a chance of getting onto a History PGCE with my BA German and Politics. I did at Uni admittedly try to tailor my BA to make it as history-orientated as possible. For Politics I chose modules on Political History whereas for German all of my options related to German history (Germany in the Cold War, Third Reich etc). I also chose a historical topic for my dissertation (Hitler and the countdown to WW2) which was awarded a high first (78) and was one of the top marks in the year group.

    I know school experience, motivation and interview performance are importantfactors alongside your degree choice in gaining admission to a PGCE, but inthis instance I'm just asking whether my degree choice will make it a lotharder for me. I went to a good uni and worked really hard to get a good gradeaverage, but I'm equally aware that History is a pretty competitive subject as things go and I'm debating whether my best course of action would be to do an MA in History first. This I'm admittedly not too keen on given the financial cost plus the time that it will take to do it.

    Would appreciate any feedback, Cheers!

    While I wouldn't say it was impossible, it's not going to be easy. Any provider usually wants at least part of your degree to be made up of the subject you want to teach. Although this seems to have dropped to an A-level (plus subject enhancement course) for the shortage subjects, History isn't a shortage subject. You would have to convince whoever read your application that your subject knowledge was as strong as someone with a history degree.

    With that in mind, you might be better doing some volunteer time at a lead school for a SCITT or Schools Direct group, that way you'd be able to get to know the staff in charge of selection and hopefully at least get an interview for a place.

    However, to be honest, I suspect any training provider is going to take one look at your language ability and basically shove you towards an MFL qualification.

    Short answer, yes it's realistic. I've just finished my NQT year as a History and Politics teacher and did History School Direct (with PGCE) - my degree was in Politics and Economics.

    The most important thing is that you are very very clear in your personal statement about how your degree is relevant - I'm sure you did aspects of German history and Political history.

    People with History degrees don't know the whole of history either - it's the skills that are important and they are transferable.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the responses so far guys, much appreciated!
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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