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2016/2017 Urbanest King's Cross Tenancy Transfer

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    Hello guys! I booked a Single Room at Urbanest King's Cross for the year 2016 - 2017. I signed a 50 weeks contract to be in London during the summer 2017. I was expecting a scholarship which would make my stay there easier however that scholarship was cancelled due to the conflicting events in Turkey. Therefore, though still possibile, it will require me to sacrifice a lot to afford to stay in Urbanest and spend my summer in London.

    I am too late to cancel my tenancy agreement without any liabilities. The only way for me to cancel is to find a new tenant to replace me. The tenancy will be transferred through Urbanest if I find a replacement.

    I would be very thankful to the ones who are interested to PM ME ASAP!

    Some information regarding the tenancyTART DATE 18-Sep-2016END DATE 03-Sep-2017 PERIOD 50weeks RENT (PER WEEK) £217.45
    ROOM TYPE: Room in a 3 person flat (two luxury shared bathrooms and a kitchen)

    More about urbanest king's cross: http://uk.urbanest.com/locations/kings-cross/It is actually really cool for the ones who can afford. It takes app 15 minutes to walk to the underground station and it is two stops away from Holborn. For the ones who don't like to walk there is a bus stop right next to the building which goes in every ten minutes to the station. Wifi in the room, luxury bathrooms a nice queen sized bed. Study rooms and everything
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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