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Being asked to provide both means testing and independent evidence

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    I'm appealing my student finance decision as the amount deemed was too little to cover even my rent.
    I was first asked to apply as an independent and provide my proof of earning documents. They were not sufficient as there was one year where I was out of work for 3 months.
    I was then told my parents could fill in a PFF2 form as they would not be able to fully support me through uni.
    I was under the impression that because my evidence as an independent was not proof enough for a higher loan, that my parents could support my application with this form and that may help increase my loan amount.
    I have now been told that it's not an either/ or situation.
    I was under the impression that since my initial independent appeal was rejected, that I could apply as a means tested candidate, in fact, when i rang about this, the gentleman on the phone told me that, with means testing, I was entitled to £2000 more.
    Now I'm being told that I still need to provide proof of earnings as and Independent Candidate AND a PPF2 form from my parents.
    If one appeal was already rejected, why do I need to appeal again on the same basis?

    Hi there.

    This does not sound like an appeal. These are two separate methods of being income assessed through normal process, either on your own, or using your parent's figures.

    There are no circumstances where we would ask you to provide both your independent evidence and your parent's income, however we may simply still be presenting both options to you, as it is your decision which you want to pursue.

    It may be best to call on 0300 100 0607 to have your account checked and someone can clarify the situation for you.

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Updated: August 30, 2016
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