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Euro human rights court OVERRULES deportation order and says Iraqi family MUST STAY

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    SWEDEN has been ordered to pay damages to an Iraqi family after their decision to deport them was overruled in a landmark ruling.

    The European Court of Human Rights has had the final say over a battle between the three asylum seekers and the Swedish Government.

    The controversial case could set a precedent for the remaining 27 member states after the court's refusal to accept the national judgement.

    Sweden ordered the deportation of the trio after turning down their asylum claim in 2011.

    Decision makers ruled although there is an ongoing terror threat in Iraq, the danger is not such that it effects every person in every town.

    But the family fought the government in the highest court and have won the right to remain.

    The case, which took six years to conclude, shows long delays effecting the UK are being mirrored across the bloc.

    In the UK asylum cases are taking years to reach judges who have claimed recently their deportation decisions are not always carried out.

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    Sweden owes them nothing, Sweeden has contributed massively to the refugees and they've had a lot of weight on their shoulders it's time for other countries to do their duty.

    This should have ended in 2011 when their asylum application was turned down, and thy should have been deported after that. Sweden becom the rape capital of the world thanks to islamic immigration, they should be free to deport as they please.

    Why was the Iraqi family refused asylum?

    Wait, Sweden tried to deport somebody?

    (Original post by Dodgypirate)
    Why was the Iraqi family refused asylum?
    As it's Sweden, there must have been a pretty serious reason.
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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