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Awful results - advice would be appreciated

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    Hi people,

    It's an understatement to say that I'm disappointed in my A2 results, I got a DDU from Physics,Computing and Math (math being the U). I wasnt expecting brilliant results this year if I'm totally honest, but I was honestly at least expecting to get B/C's from phys and compsci and at least pass maths. I feel I knew the theory to a reasonable standard, and honestly got far better results on mocks and homeworks.I'm just thinking that maybe exam stress killed me and my exam technique was way off. I mean I had straight A's/A*s at GCSE and BBCC at AS.

    I had a particularly awful year as well. My dad became seriously ill, there was a death in the family and my mum was made redundant, I got so stressed over it all that mid way through the year I got diagnosed with depression, given antidepressants and sent off to do therapy, all of which was time consuming and the drugs made me very drowsy all the time, besides, I was ,and still am, really set on doing one of those degree apprenticeship programmes instead of Uni, so I applied to a number of them (Jaguar,RollsRoyce,Brose,Qinetiq to name just a few). The applications took me a lot of time, the aptitude tests took time and I had to travel for interviews as well, I eventually got 3 interviews and all of those I turned into offers that I now missed by miles.

    I'm just really upset about missing my RR offer, and my offer from Liverpool uni for a MEng in mechatronics and robotics systems. I dont really know how to go about getting back on track now. Do I go back to college to retake A2's and reapply for both uni and apprenticeships? Should I do something completely different? I've read all the different websites with advice, but I'm still lost as to what the best option for me would be. Would it be a good idea to retake my A levels while trying to get into some local engineering company to get some work experience? I'm just confused and clueless at the minute.

    Honestly, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Did you appl;y for special consideration for your A levels?

    Theres no need to panic, although I appreciate you feel your world has fallen apart.

    I would get back in touch with RR and Liverpool, explain you got poor results and inform them you will be reapplying next year. Liverpool you probably just need the grades for, but RR, they might be open minded, so you are just trying to id their stance. If you didnt before explain your special circumstances and how they affected you.

    I would just go for resits to put it right, its only a year and youve done some of the work already. You cna also use the time to find additional apprenticeships to apply for. Try and do the contacting in the next week and their response might be helpful in making your decision.

    Have a think if its really what you wnat to do. You seem to have found areas that you are keen on and have done research about. More than most do.

    Maybe if you are thinking about other areas its just a lack of confidence and some shocj because of your results, but ofc have an open mind.

    1. Contact relevant people.
    2. Give yourself a week off worrying- you cna do basic research about retakes etc.
    3. Make a decision a bit later when your research is complete and you talked to a few people i.e teachers, RR etc.

    You will be more able to see things clearly in a few weeks, as for now just relax, plus do little things you know need to be done and can be completed. Hnag in there.
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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