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Would you consider life at Kent expensive and how to save some money here?

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    yes Kent can be quite expensive if you are not careful! :P (graduate speaking here) but there are some tricks to save cash if you are careful!
    1. Most important thing if you do not live on campus or if you move around a lot BUY A UNIRIDER!!! that was like my life saver for every year it's £170 i think for a ticket for a year. if you live on campus you will need to travel to town to do food shopping.
    2. which brings me to number to TESCO Local in town is a RIP OFF!!! oh my god so little choice and **** pricing only until i got into second year and ventured further did i realize there was Asda, Lidl,Iceland although far can save you cash!! especially if you have a unirider. i think take the number 6 or 8 buses to sturry road.
    3. nights out, best clubs rating
    a) Chemistry although ,mainly CCU it is great for choice of music and price and themed events.its best on the weekends
    b)Cuban started becoming **** except on thursdays where it's free/cheap entry and £1.50 shots! (one of the best nights!!) but other times it is expensive.
    c)Loft meh!
    d) Venue fun in first year....then you will eventually just stop going...

    4.housing can be expensive if you mainly want en suite housing from 2nd year,or little choice so start looking and reserve a room before the May onward rush!

    5.please do not lose your passes or ID it will be a pain to replace them more than £50 which can be a pain in the middle of bills!

    6.Shopping is better now with primark , but limited choice and seasons of big discounts though! but i sometimes find it expensive shopping in town and opt to shop online instead..
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Updated: August 27, 2016
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