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I manage £25,000 of my own money in the stock market, AMA?

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    (Original post by MeYou2Night)
    Fair dos and good luck! I hope you get the reward for the hard work/stress
    It must cause!
    I think everyone should invest, if you don't need money within 5 years, it should be in the stock market.

    For amateurs:

    -pick a good fund, vanguard have a lot with low charges
    -reinvest dividends
    -buy and hold

    For professionals:

    -stock pick based on fundamentals and technical analysis. Look at P/E, dividend cover etc
    - rebalance portfolio if needed
    -reinvest dividends

    Any good books on fundamental analysis more relevant to today?
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    (Original post by Vodka)
    Any good books on fundamental analysis more relevant to today?
    Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

    Use fundamental analysis to pick securities (stocks, bonds, options etc) and use technical analysis to buy in at a right price.

    Always buy a good security at a good price, never overpay no matter how good the company is. Sometimes it's best to look at low P/E stocks and pick the best from them.

    (Original post by momoneyme89)
    I don't have anymore to put in. You don't really lose money in the stock market, I mean it's very hard to lose money in the long run holding good businesses.

    I want to put in more, I want to have 100k in stocks. That will provide 4/5k a year alone in dividend income.
    exactly I have £9,000 in the stock market admittedly I don't manage it and am planning to expand that at some point but am putting money in other markets mainly rental equity company (property and cars with a 10% yearly return) £20k into gold bullion, a couple of investment diamonds for £5k and today I have been buying chateau d'yquem at £5000 a case as it an older vintage
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Updated: August 27, 2016
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