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Art and history?

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    Hi everyone, I just had a question to ask about my GCSE options. As you probably know, GCSEs are changing for many subjects from September of this year, and school starts for me in a week. Having chosen my subjects already, I'm now entering year ten to start my GCSE course. However keep in mind that as these are the new GCSEs, the syllabuses of the subjects will be extremely different, with more content and more challenge, as will the exams. The subjects I have already chosen are English lit, English language, maths, one language option, chemistry, biology, physics, ART, and HISTORY, with the last two being my options. That leaves me with 9 GCSEs, but I am hoping to pick up statistics for year 11 as well. So ten.

    Now when I chose these everything was dandy, but then I began to realize just how much more I had bitten off than I can possibly chew. I suffer from anxiety and it can get quite horrible, and I know that art is one of the most demanding subjects in GCSEs and has tons of coursework while the grade boundaries are also one the highest. They will probably be worse with the new GCSEs. However, I absolutely LOVE art, it interests me and is my hobby, and I feel like if I don't take it as a subject in GCSE I will be wasting this opportunity to improve my skills. Also, thankfully I excel in it, with a level 8a at the end of year 9. But I also know the teacher isn't very good, but most of it is about the commitment you're willing to give to the subject.

    So that's one demanding subject I've taken. Now from the rest of the options the only one that interested me is history, and we do Edexcel. But I know that that too is one of the hardest subjects in GCSEs, which is why its so highly respected and accredited. And I also love it, without a doubt, I enjoy it and it interests me greatly. It's surprising, but I actually also enjoy the essay element since I'm a fan of writing. BUT I know the content is huge and difficult, and the exam technique and exams are especially difficult and challenging. Also, once again from what I've heard the teacher sucks and isn't willing to give you the support and guidance you need. So....

    I could always take Religious Studies instead of history, but its not that highly respected and I'm not really a big fan of the class. But it would make life a lot easier, and it makes me wonder, is taking history and going through all that trouble of self studying and wrapping my head around the exam technique myself really worth it, especially if I'm not planning to do anything with it in the future? And yes, unfortunately, RS is the only other option I have left.

    And yeah. SO PLEASE if you have any experience with ANYTHING to do with that whole huge rambling, PLEASE help me out. I know people have managed to handle worse, but I have anxiety and I also want to do really well in my cores. And any options I take too. So what should I do? PLEASE HELP ME. I'm super freaked out and really confused. :'((((
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Updated: August 24, 2016
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