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SUGARWELL COURT 2007 - Buildings/Flats/Rooms

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    Airdale - 15c
    in a flat for 6 students. ensuite room.
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    Eksdale 3b (I think lol). Can't wait to move in its gona be wicked x
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    why is no one here talking about sugarwell..makes me think no one is going there haha

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    coverdale - 7a
    doin music tech
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    Airdale - 11a.
    It does seem to be the reject choice. OH WELL.
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    im at sugarwell too!
    just looking through my contract says that it starts on the 23rd of september, but when i looked at the key collection letter, it says that i pick my key up on the 22nd of september (im in bishopdale)? so does that mean i have to go down and pick my key up on the 22nd go home and come back on the 23rd?? surely not!?
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    me too 22nd or 23rd?

    anyway im in eskdale, it looks tiny from the photos ive seen
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    hey too all
    my key collection date is the 22nd and i am guessin we can move in on this day me and ma mate are both at sugarwell and we both doin events management. i have been allocated a place in bishopdale flat 6d sharin wit 4 student and am mate is in airdale i think sharin wit 5. went t leeds the uda week t find where the accomadation is n ended up gettin lost duno if anyone else is feelin the same but am really nervous now as there is not long t go n it ma first time away from home anyway xx
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    i cant wait to go, had a year out working, made me realise more than ever that i want to get a decent job - so uni is the way to go for me! anyone else know about move in dates? im in bishopdale flat 6a
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    hey everyone, just got signed up here!

    i'm living in airdale 14C
    went to look around yesterday and it's really nice, so glad i picked it now!

    i'm so excited now, but a little bit scared i suppose!

    can't wait to see some of you around campus :p:
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    nice! so there are actually SOME people at sugarwell..even if it is only like 5 people lol. well we can have a little gathering. i mean all the rooms must be full im guessing so maybe they are just non internet users?? ...

    oooh 14c airedale!! exciting! jelly fish dude whats ur name n stuff?
    im in 15c airdale.

    im pretty nervous bout movin in. but excited too. just scary meetin new ppl eek =S

    i hope sugarwell is goin to be okay.. *sigh*
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    5b in Deepdale. I've not found anyone else even in Deepdale. Just gonna be me on my tod at this rate lol.
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    im pretty sure my friend jenny is in deepdale. i think. there really doesnt seem to be many ppl tho. scary.
    im so scared bout movin in. eek.
    im gettin my keys on the 22nd so yeh does that mean we can move in then cos i cant come up the next day too i live 4 hrs away!
    oh well! im sure its fine lol
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    Haha Me and Jenny have it to ourselves. Rave! :P
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    Hey, ive just found out im in deepdale 6e!!!! sooo scared!! xxx
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    **** me its gettin close now!!! im stayin in deepdale 1c!! deepdale is begining to pimp ****!! haha anyone else been to view them? deepdale has all been done up or something!! lucky lucky us!!!
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    ahh so close. i'm getting quite nervous now.. i just hope everyone is friendly.... and that i can fit everything into my room!
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    omg tommm ur from liverpool and ur soo close to me yay!!! u excited or jst scared?? what time is every1 moving in? xxx
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    anyone got a parking permit - just applied for one and they have all gone - im ****ed!
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    oh deepdales been refirbished? i went to visit on the open day last yr i think it was n i went round bishopdale i THINK. not sure. cant remember. but it seemed nice.
    does anyone know what the ensuite rooms r like or just airdale in general? iv no idea.
    im scared ...hope i have nice room mates.

    again... 15 c anyone???

    hanz x


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