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I think my older brother is a eunuch

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    before you say this is stupid let me explain.... I grew up sharing a room with my older brother in my preteens, I was about 11 and he was 15. We were close and did everything together as most brothers do. When I became older and reached my teen years I began exploring myself and together with my school friends we would watch porno movies together which quickly evolved to masturbating. Of course all this was weird and new to me as I didn't know if any of this was natural or not unlike my friends as they assured me that all guys do this even their older brothers etc. I realised my brother never even hinted about this let alone watching porn and masturbating and stuff. I shared a room with him until I was 16 and all those years I would beat my meat at the middle of the night, pretty sure that he was aware of it as my bed made a terrible squeaking sound when I moved a muscle and never has he said anything and never have I caught him either. My family was quite progressive so there was no shame in being curious and ask about sex and stuff, me and my dad would talk about girls and he'd tease me about our neighbour's daughter saying that she has a crush on me and it was all laughs when it came to girls, relationships etc. but my brother on the other hand he would never engage in these conversations. So all this got me thinking.... maybe not all guys masturbate idk but I have yet to meet one that doesn't or maybe my brother is just a eunuch not that I need to see for sure that he has a dick or somthing ahahaa I've seen it countless times but kidding aside..... I don't think he ever masturbated I'll probably ask him tomorrow. sORRY IF this is a weird post, it's not really a question more a soliloquy but please share your sibling story if you can relate

    (Original post by void-of-feeling)
    So all this got me thinking.... maybe not all guys masturbate idk
    You've got your answer.


    It really shouldn't be so important to you.
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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