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LDR to same school?

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    So I have a long distance girlfriend who goes to school near where my dad lives.
    A couple of weeks ago my dad invited me to live with him and start college there. With things being difficult living in my mum's house, I've taken him up on this offer. I finished school this year so it's the perfect time to make a change - since everyone my age will be doing the same.
    Tomorrow, along with receiving GCSE results, I will be hearing back from the school my girlfriend attends to see whether or not I will be able to go there for sixth form.

    Theoretically, this sounds great. And I really hope this will impact our relationship for the better, especially since we've only been able to see each other twice.
    However, there's this part of me that's scared that she won't be happy with me attending the same place of education, even despite her telling me otherwise.

    It also just feels so strange that this is even an option. I know we are incredibly lucky in how things have lined up for us. And maybe I shouldn't worry so much, but I think I just lack so much confidence that I think she secretly doesn't want me there all the time or that if she sees me that often she won't like me as much.

    Does anyone else have any experience with this sort of thing? I feel like it's really weird that this is happening.

    I think you are iverthinking things it's normal to feel a littel nervouse you are moving to a new city and a new school that littel voice saying she secretly doesn't want me there is called self doubt ant a just 16 it's normal by the time you ae 18 it should be fine
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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