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Access Course Help!

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    Hi guys I'm looking at doing an access course in Business, I dropped out of my sixth form after completing A/S I had poor grades due to lack of effort and interest in most my subjects.

    I'm 19 now and will be 20 this October, however upon completion of the course I'd be applying to Uni at 20 but I'd not be classed as a mature student? Would this go against my application?

    Also if anyone has completed one of these courses in Business how intensive are they? I think they are advertised as 3 days per week roughly 15/16 hours, is it possible to have a part-time job alongside baring in mind you would need to spend time at home studying also I gather.

    Thank you for any help you can provide

    Hi there, I completed an access course last year, in science not business but I imagine the workload will be similar for most access courses. My timetable was two full days (9am - 4pm) in college and I spent around 10-15 hours a week studying outside that - more when revising for an exam or an assignment was due. For context, I'm 42, hadn't studied any science since GCSE and failed my A-levels many moons ago.

    I wasn't employed while doing the course, but others on my course were and I think it's achievable if you're organised and don't let yourself fall behind with the work. As soon as you miss a deadline or have to resit an exam the workload increases significantly because you still have to continue with the next part of the course!

    Anyone over 19 is considered a mature student and there were several your age on my course who have now got places at Uni to start next month, so it definitely won't go against you. If you have enthusiasm for the subject you want to study and can express that in your personal statement then Unis will offer you a place.

    I had a fantastic year on my access course, made some great friends and I've got a place at University of Manchester to study Biology. I'm so glad I did it and would recommend it to anyone willing to put the work in

    Hope this helps, good luck making your decision!

    Universities consider anyone over the age of 21 to be a mature student.
    Some universities don't discriminate against people under that age doing an Access course, but some won't consider your application because they disapprove of younger students taking Access as an easier option than A levels. I think it's still worth going ahead with it, but make sure that the universities you apply to are ok with it before you add them to your UCAS application.
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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