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Best uni's that will accept me with B Grade English?

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    I re-did my English Literature A-Level this year in hopes of getting an A - I got a B, which isn't bad, but I feel it's closed to doors to many good unis for me.

    So what are some good unis that will accept my B Grade? Re-applying this year.
    Right now I've gathered together:
    - Leicester
    - Reading
    - Keele
    - Goldsmith's
    - Queen Mary (they say they want an A on their website but my friend is convinced they will be lenient with this)

    Have I missed out any good unis? Are the unis I've looked at decent for my course?

    Any help appreciated

    I got into English lit at Exeter's Penryn campus with A*BB (B in english), but it was an alternative offer, so if you're considering clearing it might not work :/
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    (Original post by tc2802)
    I got into English lit at Exeter's Penryn campus with A*BB (B in english), but it was an alternative offer, so if you're considering clearing it might not work :/
    Nah, I'm taking another year out and re-applying. Thanks for the tip.

    First of all, lightfagami is an awesome username! :3

    Now for the real advice ._.

    What are your other grades? It's always good to choose a uni that has entry requirements that match your grades, at least for an insurance choice, so that you have a bit more security about getting in somewhere. In my experience it really depends on the grade averages across the country for that year as to whether a university will accept lower grades than their specified grade requirements. For example, this year grades across the country were poorer than in previous years, so universities had to adjust their requirements after results day so that they had enough students. My sister got an offer for History from Kings (which is an AAA uni) despite getting ABB results, one of the B's being in History. It's all at the discretion of the particular university, so if your personal statement is good and you show your commitment to literature, they may be more lenient with their offers.

    In terms of what universities are good for English, when I was applying a few years ago, Royal Holloway was my favourite (this is where I study now) and had attainable entry requirements of AAB-ABB. Reading is also a good uni for English (I applied there, but in the end I didn't like the spread out campus, but that's my individual preference). Sussex is pretty good if you are interested in more modern literature/poetry or creative writing. Exeter has a huuuuge range of modules available because they have academics from many different fields of literature- It's really worth visiting the university websites and seeing a list of the modules they offer over the three years. As I am specifically interested in medieval literature, I looked for unis that had a good range of medieval modules and staff that were professionals in that specific field of literature. York, Leeds and Durham are popular for medievalists, or in London, UCL and Kings. For Goldsmiths, it's fairly high on league tables and produces good artists/creative writers, but as far as I'm aware their student satisfaction is quite low and they don't seem to produce as much quality academic research in literature, but again it depends on what you are looking for/are interested in. Bath is apparently good at creative writing if that's an interest you have.

    It's worth taking your time to read through their course programs and visiting the universities if you can. Also think about how far you want to live from home or your relatives. There's no reason why you can't apply for unis which have higher grade requirements and not every university asks for an A specifically in the subject you are applying for. Again its worth taking your time to thoroughly read through the university websites and course prospectus. At the end of the day, league tables and grades aren't everything! Find a uni that has a course that appeals to your specific literary interests, and is also the place you feel is right for you. A degree is a degree in the end!

    Hope this helps!
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Updated: August 26, 2016
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