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    Hey need some opions. its my 18th going to drum and bass clkub in london. I want to wear this dress:


    But is it TOO dressy/over done for drum and bass club. The dress code is 'anything'.

    What do you wear to drum and bass club?
    What do yuo see/think thats nice?

    Would really appreciate any replys, dont wanna go looking like a weirdo!

    SBJ X
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    if your going to somewhere like Fabric dont dress up at all, its boiling hot and no one cares what other people are wearing, its not like a normal club.

    The link doesnt work but id suggest wearing as little as you feel comfortable in and flat shoes.

    Hope you have a good night - i went to fabric on my 18th and it was an amazing night!
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    Like above don't dress up if you go to fabric. First time i went there I wore a shirt and there was hardly anyone else with one.
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    probly best not to wear a dress :p:
    things like that i wear crops and t-shirt but im male :p: so yea shorts because it will be amazingly hot and if its good you wont sit down for 6/7 hours
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    that dress would be mental hot...don't do it
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    it would be a short mini balck dress?!

    But, its my 18th so i wanna look goos- sexy! Its at a place called Hidden. Its Essences of Chi 3rd birthday party.

    so like shorts/mini skirt?
    SBJ X
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    if its a proper drum and bass night then no one dresses up. you'll just look wierd if you do ... whenever I go to proper nights out, its just comfortable trainers, loose jeans and a black tshirt ... obviously its different for girls, but the point is people are there for the music and not to look cool... you might be better off hitting a commercial club if you want to dress up with your girl friends ...

    that dress is way too over the top - and a mini skirt is silly also for this type of event. I guess shorts would be the next best thing!

    Enjoy yourself!


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