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Did you make the newspaper ?

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    you're famous now o.o
    well done on your results!

    (Original post by ihatePE)
    My teacher kind of chose me out and made me. I wouldn't have walked to the reporter willingly : rofl: but as long as you know what you got and your family and friends know then it doesn't matter
    Haha, I wouldn't normally, but the reporter was asking everyone on the way out and I was really happy with my results so I didn't mind . It just would have been nice to have it to look back on!

    Good luck with your A Levels (if you're doing them)!
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    (Original post by rosemondtan)
    Studying helps me escape the demands a social life entails
    Yes! (hopefully) you? That's a very nice subject combination though - both the humanities and sciences!
    I get what you mean, I love studying for history but I don't think I can handle the nerve on results day especially A levels. Initially I wasn't going to do maths but the other humanities don't interest me much and french isn't running :-(
    Wow medicine is like 5 extra more years of studying! You sound so dedicated to it all, how do you find maths ? Easy? How much work did you do? I'm really interested in how others find maths a level
    (Original post by Laurasaur)
    Attachment 575406A-level results day haha, I unknowingly sneaked into a second photo - stealing the limelight 😂
    XD you got a whole photo by yourself, my friend was telling me how I stole the lime light by having a solo photo too. U happy with your results ?

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    (Original post by ihatePE)
    XD you got a whole photo by yourself, my friend was telling me how I stole the lime light by having a solo photo too. U happy with your results ?
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    Yeah, the photographer peeled me away from everyone and asked me to sit on the stairs :/
    I got joint 3rd in the sixth form (my boyfriend got 1st with A*A*A) and I got AAA so yeah I'm very happy!
    Are you happy with yours? You must have done well if you got your own photo

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Updated: August 25, 2016
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