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stress at uni

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    Hello there, I am about to start my second year on the law course. I have been told I will have 2 sets of coursework and atleast on exam plus seminars, lectures and tutorials. How do I stop myself from getting stressed? Any good tips and advice?

    Hi there,

    You can look at the University of Nottingham Hospital website for information about helping tackle stress and exam fear - http://www.unhs.co.uk/unhs/your-heal...d-anxiety.aspx

    From personal experience, I would say these tips helped me during my studies:

    -Routine: Knowing when you're going to do something and how long it will take puts your mind in motion about the coming work, and doesn't leave you confused about what you're going to be doing to prepare for the work. Start early, ask tutors and peers for help, or family, or friends.

    - Exercise: This helps with the routine aspect as well, by organizing your time and keeping you fit both physically and mentally. If you feel you're working too hard on your studies, then go for a run or bike ride, or to the gym.

    - Walking: Usually if exercising is not available, walking is one of the best things to help clear your head and reduce the amount of stress you feel. It helps you keep refreshed and settles you down for the next load of work.

    -Water: the juice of the gods. Try drinking it until it starts coming out of your ears, it's great for mental processing and i found i worked much harder and clearer whilst drinking copious amounts. Buy a special water bottle.

    That's my tips, just remember if the workload is too much, talk to people. There are great health services at the University and Union which can go through more advice and practical sessions to help with stress, so just remember there are people out there who know what you're going through
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    thank you this was really helpful
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