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GCSE Results Day 2016: Boys fall further behind girls as A*-C grades decline

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    GCSE Results Day 2016: Boys fall further behind girls as A*-C grades witness sharpest decline ever

    The Telegraph have reported a sharp decline in A*-C grades with females having significantly surpassed males.

    71.3% of girls got C or above compared to just 62.4% of boys.

    Why do you think there has been such a decrease in grades, especially between males and females?

    Yet, female's are still paid less in work.

    (Original post by OtakuFreak)
    Yet, female's are still paid less in work.
    That's because girls will then pick drama, dance, film studies and media, while boys will pick maths, physics and chemistry.
    Women on average do get paid less than men, but it's not discrimination or sexist or anything like that.

    Stupid boys are stupider than stupid girls. Boys are either clever and get top grades or stupid and don't. Girls seem to be in the middle.
    By stupid I mean they mess around in lessons and would call themselves a 'legend'.

    Bell curve is more spread out for men?

    People argue Linear exams favour girls, modular ones favour boys.
    With the reformed GCSEs (not the 1-9s) they are all linear and hence say they favour girls.

    However, there's also research that argues coursework is better for girls so the linear would then be worse for them.

    Its quite confusing!

    GCSEs have loads of mickey-mouse subjects: drama,dance,sociology.social work, food studies, psychology, film studies, media studies, etc.
    There are very few STEM GCSE subjects compared to Arts/humanities GCSE subjects.
    Too much coursework. I lost track of how many pieces of coursework I had to do just to get a GCSE in English.
    The poems and books in GCSE English are incredibly boring romance type of stuff. so girls will do better.
    Boys get bored quicker than girls so they won't sit down and study as much. Lower attention span.
    Intelligence distribution of boys and girls is different. There are more stupid boys than girls but there are more einsteins, newtons, ramanujens, feymanns in the male intelligence distribution. Girls tend to feature more around the average area.
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Updated: August 29, 2016
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