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ostracised loner with thinking problems studying a niche subject like biology v a wor

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    ostracised loner with thinking problems studying a niche subject like biology v wordly subject

    Sorry to put it like that but it displays my ignorance of the world, I grew up with quite afew family and mental social problems no friends isolated etc so i ended failing my applied biology degree due to failing the last attemtp of the dissertation other than that I have 320 credits.

    Now I am 26 and it has been 2 years since then drastically behind in life, and obviously it is essential for me to know more about life living survival and the world relationships so a v scientific subject tends to go into "another world" ie the humna body so to speak witha lot of stuff to learn terminology etc. is it worth me starting from the 3rd year again as a online degree at University fo ulster?

    Does anyone know any others? Thing is I was dead for so long in my heart I even failed my a level s that is why i went to a poor uni and i have only started pulling my slef back up now learning more about myself., therefore i will have to review all that i supposedly learnt or sleepwalkled through at uni?

    I hope this makes sense? I guess i just got to do a lot of research and look for answers.

    Any advice thoughts greatly appreciated. !!!
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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