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Around 52 thousand people died at Auschwitz

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    There were a number of revised death tolls but the international Red Cross came up with around 271k deaths in German camps combined, not all being Jewish of course but the majority were. There's absolutely nothing that suggests millions died, yet they show us graphic images of piles of dead bodies, tell us it was six million and anyone who opposed this lie was a Holocaust denier, Nazi, fascist etc. It is propaganda can't people understand this? it's why Stalin's regime are thought to have killed around 20 million, yet their Holocausts go ignored while only Jewish suffering is seen as being important.

    More people died at Mauthausen but of course Auschwitz is the big tourist attraction and the camp everyone knows about. It was of course liberated by the Soviets, and under occupied Poland. Reconstruction in camps has occurred. This can be heard from the mouths of camp officials themselves in the documentary by Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole. Walls were knocked down in the alleged gas chambers, and the ventilation holes in the roofs of the buildings which we're to believe gas was dropped down were added.

    These are clearly not high tech killing machines. Can you imagine Nazi's standing on a roof, dropping down gas on a windy day? ridiculous.

    There's a lot of evidence that shows Germans tried to prevent deaths in camps which surely makes them being extermination camps a complete utter lie?

    Here is an example. Delousing chambers being used by Jewish inmates in camps. Delousing kills off anything that can spread diseases.

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    Even the six million Holocaust believers surely know there were typhus outbreaks in camps?

    Germans have been incredibly lied about, vilified like no other people on the planet. As a British person I feel we're somewhat responsible for allowing this, and the crimes what went on after the war..
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