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Can i still be a vet?

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    As you may of know the gcse results came out today and i got A* in Maths, 3 A's in Science(Core,Additional and Triple), A In Computer Science and 2 B's and 3 C's. I'm really scared. All I've ever wanted to do is to be a vet. But i'm only good at science and maths. Ive looked at the entry requirements and they want a B in English Lang(Apart from Cambridge), but i got a C and im really scared that because of this i might not be able to be a bet. I'm going to do Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A level, and i will push myself to get all A* and A's because i know that I can because i enjoy Maths and Science. Anyway, i don't know what to do, i feel like just giving up because i know, out there there is plenty of people with all A* that want to be a vet. So if i work my socks off, can i be a vet?

    see if your college/sixth form offers english language resits in november; other than that, your grades look excellent if you want to become a vet

    Doesn't matter at all. Just do well in your A levels - as long as you can get into the college of your choice you will be ok I think.

    Congratulations on a decent set of results.
    The Vet School GCSE Requirements ask for, as you've said, a B in English. I would speak to your school or college to see if you can retake English next year to bump it up to a B; if you were close maybe look at a remark if that's an option?

    If you are confident in your A Level subjects then I see no reason why you couldn't ace those and pull up your English grade. Make sure you have a variety of work experience covered and I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Good luck!

    As wm23 has said, see if you can resit English in November. Your grades are otherwise really good and perfectly fine for a veterinary medicine application. Don't worry about the fact that some people have all A*s, they're in a tiny minority and anyway, as long as you've met the entry requirements, universities care way more about your A level predictions, work experience and personal statement than they do about the number of A*s you have.

    Another thing to add, you may already be aware but some vet schools offer a six-year 'Gateway' program (essentially the VetMed course with a foundation year) for people meeting certain criteria. This course only requires a C in GCSE English, so it may be worth checking your eligibility for that
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