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Fed up and agitated with life

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Okay so I'm just a bit fed up of the monotony of life as a graduate, unable to find work that fires me up. I'm fed up of been in ***** jobs earning peanuts working for employers that half like half a brain cell and a set of people that are frankly sheep. Then there is the picking on us grads because we decided to stay on in further study.

    I'm sick of hearing about unemployment figures. I'm sick of feeling like I should be grateful to have any job- because- "jobs are so hard to come by" (which is true of course!), when all I really want is a job that I went to Uni and studied three years to do (only to get into loads of debt).

    I'm sick of applying for jobs in my field only to get the usual rejection email, or if I'm lucky I might get to interview stage, and then be subsequently vetted out. Although 9 times out of 10 I'm told my application impressed upon employers, or my CV was good, or my portfolio was diverse. Yes but I never got the damn job did I!

    I'm sick of been made to feel I'm not focussing, trying or applying myself hard enough. I'm sick of typing up another god damn CV only for it to be a wasted effort. I'm tired of also trying to maintain the interest of voluntary organisations, whom initially (in this case) seem interested, get you signed up, brief you and then tell you they'll get back to you then don't! Why do us graduates bother to reach out and offer up skills for free when organisations can't be asked. A waste of my time and theirs.

    When I tell someone I will get back to them I will. I am punctual and always attentive to the needs of employers, voluntary orgs and people in general. It's a shame it doesn't work the other way.

    Oh well 600,000 odd people are currently either unemployed, out of education or otherwise on the dole- so I'm not the only one am I. Guess that should make one feel much better.

    Back to taking my happy pills, because this is 21st century Britain- (where every twentysomething is clinically depressed and helpless over the economic times/market)-and that's all that works. I guess those more successful friends of mine have something I don't.

    For the record, I am currently on medication for anxiety and subsequently depression.

    rant over /
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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