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    Hi so I'm going into year 10 and I feel a little bit nervous about starting GCSEs any advice and how hard is it

    Some people find it difficult, but it will definitely be easier if you work hard from the beginning. Keep on top of your homework, ask your teachers for help with any concepts you don't understand, and start doing little bits of revision far in advance of exams would be some tips

    i agree with Little Tail Chaser, you have got to work hard all year round. year 10 is a little more laid back than year 11, however if you did want to start making a bit of revision at the year 10 stage it would be helpful as there's less to worry about in the next year when all the pressure builds up - my cold war history exam which i had made revision for in year 10 i got 100% on, i found out today!

    year 10 and 11 definitely blur together. one minute you think you have a whole two years before the exams and the next you're on a 6 month countdown! i know it may seem horrible about halfway through, going into year 11 where you're getting tired and fed up, but by the end of the two years its so worth it. anything you may not understand make sure to get help with from a teacher, friend or the internet (e.g. student room, people make discussions offering very good resources which are helpful!) because if you leave it till the end of year 11 it will just be stressful and not good, and nobody can afford to abandon parts of a subject because they didnt ask for help early on.

    just remember, if you give it your all then you will definitely be happy when you open that envelope on results day in two years - all your hard work will have paid off and its such a good feeling! today was my results day and i cant even explain the elation i got when i saw that the hours of revision did come with reward. i wish you the best of luck in the next few important years!

    I am going into year 11 so i know the feelings of starting year 10. Some parts will be challenge but dont sit at the back the class not asking for help if you dont understand ask for help dont worry if you feel like people will laugh at you cause at the end of the day you will be the one with more information. Starting your GCSE year will be a big shock but trust me you soon settle in and feel like nothing massively has changed (thats not an excuse to mess about tho)
    Goodluck if you need anymore information about starting your GCSE year drop me a message.
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    Yeah thanks s it definetly calms me down I was planning to download the exam specification and learning a little bit everyday I have taken triple science history re maths English German and advice on those GCSE and how should I start revising at the start of year 10

    Downloading exam specifications will help alot. I revised every time i had an exam so everytime your teacher says anything about having an exam soon revise straight away. What helped me was revising key words the having a 10 minute break and then come back to it and try to remember the meanings of the keywords and everytime i got one wrong i would focus on that word. Hope that works for you
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Updated: August 26, 2016
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