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Aqa geography a: Marked unfairly?

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    (Original post by caitlinford3)
    Was anyone else's geography grade a shock to them?

    I got a B after getting A*s all year round, with an A* in coursework, A in one exam and C in the other??? a C???

    I have no idea what happened but from what I've seen noone else has done amazing in geography, I'm thinking of sending the paper with the C off for a remark as I have no idea what happened

    The B stuck out like a sore thumb on my results as the rest were A/A*
    I was expecting a B and got an A* somehow. Guess I was just lucky.

    Interesting... Are all the humanities messed up this year? My coursework for History dropped from an A to a C, my strongest topics dropped from an A to a C also, so I ended up with a C overall... Definitely going to be remarking, something seems far too fishy. Granted looking back now I realise that I did mess up a 5 mark question (wrote about the complete wrong thing), but even then I shouldn't have dropped to a C. A B maybe...

    Good luck with your remarks.

    Predicted an A* got a B BULL

    Been getting A* all year, got nearly full ums in my CA (98) but got borderline A* in physical and a low B in Human nearly a C which I was so sad about. I got a A overall but was really expecting an A*. Not sure if its worth a remark as im not that close for the a* boundary in ums and its not essential. So disappointing and i absolutely hate how exams are run tbh

    My brother got his geography remarked and it went up 14 marks which got him an A* which just proves how these exams are just ******** and marked so wrongly. However, that was a few years ago and i read somewhere how remarks are getting marked harshly now and its harder to get extra marks

    (Original post by Jazzy_j_)
    I'm 3 marks off an A* as my controlled assessment got dropped from full marks to an A. Is it worth getting my physical paper remarked as I got an A in it and an A* in human?
    Go for it, what's the risk? You can't drop down to a ''B'', so you're safe. A/A* will stay.

    (Original post by Jazzy_j_)
    I'm 3 marks off an A* as my controlled assessment got dropped from full marks to an A. Is it worth getting my physical paper remarked as I got an A in it and an A* in human?

    Go for it, what's the risk? You can't drop down to a ''B'', so you're safe. A/A* will stay.
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    (Original post by Spidersmudge)
    Let us know how you get on 😀💯
    I will do!

    (Original post by Federerr)
    OMG - I thought it was only me! I've never gotten anything below an A* in geography and somehow managed to get a B in my finals...

    I got an A in one paper and a Bin the other. My coursework went from an A* to a B. It was a shock for me to see a B on the results sheet. I am so annoyed!!!!!!

    I didn't realise I got a B in geo until an hour ago D:
    Same here! I was always getting A*s too

    (Original post by idree5)
    Hi, i do the geograohy B course and have never gotten below an A ever, averaging at a A* in all my mock exams. Yesterday my results showed I got a C. I am beyond shocked and cant being to understand how. Should I sent mine out for a remark too?
    I'd try a remark too if I were you! Sounds like they were pretty harshly marked this year!

    (Original post by 0lut0)
    Hey, I'm in the exact same position at the start of the year I was predicted a B and throughout the year i've floated between a B and a C but when I got my result for it I was shocked to see a C. My mark equivalent was 136 but i can't find the grade boundaries for geography...
    If you do the same AQA Geography A course, google 'AQA GCSE UMS grade boundaries 2016' or 'AQA GCSE RAW grade boundaries 2016' whether you want the boundaries with the UMS marks on your results sheet or just the genuine raw marks boundaries

    (Original post by trabajadora)
    I was hoping for an A after getting two As in the exams, but my coursework got dragged down from a ''high B'' (according to my teacher) to a low C so I ended up with a B
    My friend was told they had an A* in coursework and it was dragged down to a B too, so unfair!

    (Original post by hopefuldentist10)
    AQA have been an absolute sh1tfest this year. People in many AQA subjects saying their grades are way lower than what was expected of them.
    Yup so true!

    (Original post by Fly.RK_)
    I'll advise all you to remark. I'm sure all you people smashed the exam, I mean something hasn't gone right if your CA has dropped and you improved it, in that case, I had done this year.

    A remark isn't risky, as long as your grade is secure, e.g; 10 marks clear off an 'A'.

    GL, I need this 'B', if I am to do it in A-levels.
    Yeah, plus it won't really affect me if it is marked down because I'm not doing it at A Level I guess it's just for self satfiscation

    (Original post by Fractite)
    Yeah.. I was expecting nearly full UMS.. got 347 and an A.
    Bit weird.
    Same here!

    (Original post by fuzi8n137)
    Same here, I was pretty much top in my year all year in geography - predicted A*s for the whole time. I got 94% in Human, 100% in my course work and then physical SCREWED me - 76% bringing me to a big fat 357/400 UMS - totally gutted. Should I look into an expensive remark?
    Definitely look into it! I got 100% in coursework, A in physical then human let me down, no idea what happened

    (Original post by Jazzy_j_)
    I'm 3 marks off an A* as my controlled assessment got dropped from full marks to an A. Is it worth getting my physical paper remarked as I got an A in it and an A* in human?
    Yeah I'd say so!

    I have a friend who went up 12 marks in another remark! Insanity!

    If you are secure in the grade boundary then I'd go for the remark. I'm in the same boat for English Language. 1 mark off an A* after full UMS in the mock. My coursework went down to 71/80 so I'll be getting a remark hoping for literally 1 mark extra. Anyone within 1-5 marks should try for sure.

    What makes me sad is the amount of people that don't get a remark, when people like my friend went up 12 marks. Imagine across the country how many don't get the grades they deserve because of slack marking??

    They need to have one exam board nationally and start paying those who mark them a decent return. If you want the best, you have to pay. I bet geography degree graduates with no teaching experience marked some of these papers this year. It's no surprise they can't interpret answers as well as an examiner should be able to...

    Fingers crossed you all get what you deserve 👌🏽💯
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Updated: August 26, 2016
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