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Interview - being asked to sell something

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    I've applied for a job in a jewellery shop and I think they might ask me to sell something at the interview (they do this with other shops). How do I go about it? Has anyone else been asked to sell something at an interview?

    Dont be cheesey is the main thing. No one like a cheesey seller!
    Basically you wanna pick up the product they want you to sell and be entirely postive about it such as:
    List its good points
    List its advatanges
    List any bonuse features it may have

    Another thing to do which I've been taught is what Id call the "Recommendation technique" lol , basically say things like " I've got one of these, My next doors neighbours cat loves this cat food etc etc" Or "id love one of these"

    Try not to stutter if they ask you to sell somthing though, like saying things like Ummm...ermm.well..er. it doesnt look good. I know its hard when someone points all the pressure onto you but just try to be confident about it

    Thats just my advice
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    Hehe thanks! So if it was a pair of earrings I'd pick them up and start off with something like "Here we have a brilliant pair of earrings...." :confused: then I'd get kinda stuck. Errrm...I guess I could say what they'd go with etc. It seems really fake though.

    For a pair of earrings I'd say something like.

    "Obviously from looking at them you can see they're stunning to look at, very eye catching. Very classy, so they'd be a great gift for anyone, yourself or your mother. I personally bought a pair for my mum for her birthday and decided I had to have them self.."

    something like that, but I'd say that for a pair of classic diamond studs.

    It may seem fake, it usually is lol. But thats how you sell :P
    Be careful what you say though for example if the person who wanted these ear rings was young and rather sexy, you dont wanna ruin the recommendation technique by saying somthing silly like "I bought these for my grandma, they match her tea cosey hat!"
    I agree with what you say about what they go with though

    If ur trying to sell them jewerally
    make sure you make them try it on
    its like the golden rule.

    After youve done that finishing it off should be a breeze
    You also compliment them while selling it such as the colour would go nicely with your eyes.
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    Do i ask the interviewer to try it on? :confused: Would the interviewer say something like "sell these" and then I'd try and sell it to the interviewer, pretending they were a customer? As you can tell I've never had a job before lol

    Yeh. Ask your interviewer who you're actually selling it too. As that will influence your pitch dramatically.

    Pretend your interviewer is a customer, you're not there to impress him/her, you're there to sell the piece of jewellery to andrew/margaret/charlie whatever.
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    Oo thanks - it's a lot clearer now


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