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Which masters subjects require limited maths skills?

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    I know this is a rather open ended question, but I recently finished an Arts degree and have no idea what Masters subject I would want to do, but want to do a more vocational subject that is more likely to lead to a job, rather than a purely academic subject.

    I've mostly been considering stuff broadly related to business, or surveying related degrees but I'm worried about the potential numerical and quantitative content of those subjects, being rather poor at Maths to begin with and coming from a degree that had practically no numerical content at all.

    Of course, I appreciate that it's going to be difficult to avoid quantitative content entirely, but can anyone give me some ideas on what subjects could be considered vocational, as in providing training for a specific job, but have relatively limited numerical content?

    Thanks for any advice.

    For conversion MSc in business, you need only take one compulsory quantitative methods module at most unis. You can take less quantitative electives (organisational behaviour, Human Resources Management, International Business, strategic management). Out of aforementioned, HRM is def vocational and trains you for HR position. there is even professional accreditation with the HR body CIPD. Other more quantitative electives are: Finance, accounting, operations, data analysis. Surveying is vocational with professional qualification, but requires some maths.

    Rule of thumb: Arts require no/little maths, social sciences (politics) moderate maths, business courses need more maths.

    As it was previously mentioned business subjects generally don't require mad math skills. But bear in mind that even if you undertake less quantitative electives, for your dissertation you might be required to work with quantitative methods for data analysis. Not saying that it is really hard.
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Updated: September 10, 2016
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