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Mature Student

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    I'm interested in medicine and have been for a long time but I'm now 20 and feel like I wouldn't stand a chance getting a place 😥I only have some rubbish gsces from 2013 as i wasn't able to carry on in further education due to need a liver transplant which I received at the end of June at Kings gsces are:
    Mathematics Linear- C
    Mathematics- D
    English Language- D
    English Literature- C
    Religious Studies- D
    Art and Design- B
    Art and Design: Textiles Design- C
    Core Science- C
    Additional Science- C
    Health and Social Care- C
    AW2 in ICT- Merit
    Design and Technology- B

    If I did some of my GCSES again like English, Maths , Biology and Chemistry and another subject would I ever stand a chance ? If I did apply I would apply to Exeter, Bristol and Plymouth unis
    Thank you

    I'm very sorry to hear about your health problems and hope that you are feeling better now.

    You are right that your GCSE grades would not meet minimum requirements for medicine as they stand at the moment. However, you do still have options for getting into medicine. This could include resitting your GCSEs, then doing A-levels (including chemistry and biology), this would keep the most options open for you in terms of places you can apply. Some universities will also accept an access to medicine course in place of A-levels, the advantage of which is that it only takes a year instead of 2.

    Universities are likely to be sympathetic to your extenuating health circumstances, and it would be a good idea to contact their admissions departments to ask their opinion on your individual situation.

    Don't worry about your age, many people go into medicine as mature students.

    Age is nothing. Especially yours. You're only 20!

    There are access courses which you could do instead of A-levels. However, you would need to resit a few of your gcse's. If you could bump up your English and Maths, that would help you a lot.


    If you wanted to go the traditional A-level route, then I'm not sure what med schools think about GCSE resitting. However, you do seem to have extenuating circumstances.

    The best thing to do would be to draft a generic email with your qualifications and circumstances. Email it to all the med schools asking what they think would be the right way forward to study medicine at their uni and whether you'd be considered.

    There's nothing that would rule you out or give you no chance. There's nothing stopping you. You just need to figure out the right path to get to where you want. Which is not impossible at all!

    Oh and you're not a mature student yet. 20!
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    (Original post by JayAhm)
    Oh and you're not a mature student yet. 20!
    Thank you for the great advice I'm defiantly retaking Maths , English and Science(biology/chemistry) I don't think access would be an option as there is no access to medicine courses locally so I'd probably be better off doing A levels thank you ☺️
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