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What are my chances to attend a top uni to study Law?

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    Yesterday I received the following GCSE results:

    English Literature - A*
    English Language - A*
    Maths (Higher Tier) - A
    Biology - A*
    Chemistry - B
    Physics - A
    Art and Design (Fine Art) - A
    Electronic Products - A
    Geography - A
    French - B
    Economics - C
    Classic Civilisations (SC) - B

    I have aspirations to study a Law LLB at a Russell Group Uni, specifically LSE, UCL or Birmingham.

    My A level choices are English Lit, Politics and Psychology and I'm aiming for at least AAA or A* AA.

    I Haven't really researched much except courses themselves and entry requirements in terms of A level grades. In our school the importance of GCSEs in a Uni application was highly stressed due to the removal of AS grades and therefore how offers will be made on predicted grades and GCSEs.

    Following this, I think I'll be able to smash my A levels with hard work and get AAA at least in predicted grades, but I'm just worried my GCSE results weren't really good enough and this will cause me issues when I'm getting offers. Any thoughts?

    Your GCSEs seem absolutely fine - especially having 3 A*s and 5 As. Some people barely even sit 9 subjects, so don't worry about extra ones that came out at B/C too much.

    Nobody bar the university can tell you exactly what your chances are regarding your application - but I can confidently say that with AAA prediction and a great personal statement, you should have a strong shot at RG universities such as York and Nottingham. I think Bristol and Nottingham also run a system where you can receive a contextualised offer (A*AA --> AAA at Notts and AAA --> AAB at Bristol).

    Basically, don't worry - maybe have a quick look on different university offer holder threads and maybe ask that GCSEs people got (or look at stalking pages where this info is already there) and get a feel for any patterns, but your GCSEs certainly aren't a cause for concern. Universities know that GCSEs were years ago by the time you apply to uni, so they tend to just look for basic English/Maths success as well as a bit of breadth and signs of competency.

    Good luck :-)

    Seems good. Just get the grades for AS and write a KILLER personal statement. Start collecting research/reading now for your personal statement, and when you do write it, try to get as much redrafts as possible. Good luck.
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Updated: August 30, 2016
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