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ISIS set to storm major Syrian city, can they be stopped?

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    Following the forced withdrawal of Kurdish forces by Turkey and the US from Manbij the recently liberated city is set to be stormed by Daesh units with unthinkable consequences for its population.

    Two weeks after its liberation which took 3 months Kurdish forces have been forced to withdraw by the US and Turkey.

    One possible reason is to compensate ISIS for loss of Jarabulus and a section or border that was invaded by Turkey. This will allow Daesh to re-occupy Manbij to compensate for their loss.

    Another possible reason is that Daesh was losing the war against Assad or at least incapable of launching any major offensives against the regime, due to Kurdish forces closing their main supply routes. The main objective for the US and NATO is probably a Libyan style removal of its leader Assad and his regime.

    Surely countries like France can stop this offensive on Manbij regardless of what the US wants?

    Also is their any hope for the evacuation of Manbijs population to safe areas or even to seek refuge in safe countries?

    Whatever your view on refugees we must not let a potential massacre happen, if just one life can be saved that means a lot but we want to save everybody in Manbij and west of the Euphrates.

    Even possibly allow a Syrian Kurdish government in exile.

    None of what you wrote has any concrete evidence. Goodbye.
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    (Original post by shawn_o1)
    None of what you wrote has any concrete evidence. Goodbye.

    Is this enough evidence? Feel free to google more info about Kurdish withdrawal etc.

    so what am i suppose to say?

    According to this former foreign minister for France, he says the British prepared for this regime change years before it happened. He also notes Israel being the benefactor of regime changes.

    Absolutely criminal what our governments do. Lets hope Corbyn can get into power and put an end to this. I doubt it. He's too much of an anti-semite after all!
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Updated: August 26, 2016
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