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    Mine says I listened to Idlewild about 400 times last week :p:
    (including Idlewild Live that is)
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    Unique Artists: 12
    Total Tracks: 69
    Total Plays: 343

    That's not right...
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    My stats are fine :confused:
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    I've listened to Pink Floyd 9100ish times in about a year and half. MY POWER... IS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!

    Although I might start afresh, because the second most listened to is Yes, which I haven't listened to in over a year, same as Boston, but both of these are ONLY at 600 listens, but this was in the space of only a couple months last summer.

    tl;dr - I spend far too much time listening.
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    I have 305 unique artists - the other month i had 190, lol
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    go play this radio
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    I have to drag this thread up again... are people having problems scrobbling from the radio? I've had a look at a few profiles and they're fine but they signed up in the last couple of years so they're probably on a different cluster anyway (if last.fm still works in that way).
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    No problems hear. Shocking performance this week on my part though
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    (Original post by vector)
    No problems hear. Shocking performance this week on my part though
    Doesn't matter so much about the lack of listening when you've got Boards Of Canada at the top. :p:
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    (Original post by fizzwings)
    Doesn't matter so much about the lack of listening when you've got Boards Of Canada at the top. :p:
    Because I'm cool
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    Amen to that y'all!
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    Last.fm has become a bit of an obsession of mine, I'm afraid to say.

    I had my last.fm 1st birthday t'other day *blushes*
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    How did you manage to get obsessed with it?

    Theres surely not that much to do
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    I get excited when I get new charts each week. Its like a cheap thrill :-/

    And generally browsing artists and such. I somehow manage to fill so much time doing that...
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    There's loads to do, Pezking. #zomg#

    Think of the thousands and thousands of radio stations they've got and all of the groups and all of the chart-based goodness. I can spend hours on last.fm.
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    I worked out I've played around a 100 tracks a day on average on my pc since joining a year and a half ago :p:
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    I think my average is at 15 or 16 at the moment because I didn't use the site for 2 years. :p:

    I don't know if you meant that you literally worked it out but you don't have to do it yourself; you just hover over the total tracks played on your profile.
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    I never noticed that before!

    21 tracks per day for me but I have been way below that recently. Only 3 tracks all week so far so my charts for this week could be even worse than last week's
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    Hey, just wondering - does it come with some kind of application that you have to listen to music on? Because I have napster, and I think this whole deely looks like fun but I'm worried about compatibility issues.
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    You download a program which detects what you are playing and sends it to last.fm. You can play the tracks in any compatiable player. Windows Media Player, iTunes and foobar (with a plug-in) all work and I have not tried anything else


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