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Will I be eligible?

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    Basically, I had to cancel my previous application due to the online form not accepting my correct nationality. I applied 6 months ago so I only had to provide 3 year residence information which I did. However, with my new application I sent yesterday, the website now states that the academic year starts on the 1st of September (my uni's first terms starts on the 3rd of October and so does my course) and in that case I must've been settled in the UK since 1st of September 2011. Now, I moved here on the 16th of September 2011 so my question is, will still be eligible?
    I don't want to move to uni on the 23rd of September and be told later on that I am not eligible and pay 5400 pounds for my accommodation.
    Has anyone else had experience with any of this? I'm really stressed out over the whole thing?

    Unfortuantely, it is 5 years on September 1st 2016; so yes, you must be living here since at least September 1st 2011.
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    So I won't be able to go uni due to their system errors which they didn't notify me about even after receiving my passport 5 months ago? Is there any chance they will only look at the 3 year residency since they have all my evidence and I made my account and previous application while I only had to provide the 3 year evidence and when I tried applying online, it only asked me for 3 year evidence as opposed to the 5 year one that was on the paper form I had to fill out (their system kept changing my nationality to the wong one so I was told to print out the form and send it). Or am I just being hopeful? This is actually ridicilous.
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Updated: August 27, 2016
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