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Not happy with accommodation offer

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    I've only just found out my accommodation offer. I'm reluctant to name the hall, but its a 'budget' room that apparently students get put into if they apply late or close to the deadline. I had Bangor as my insurance, so I couldn't apply for accommodation before results day.

    My main concern is how this will affect me. I suffer with quite severe anxiety. First of all, because of where the hall is, I'm worried that the environment will be louder, which can make my anxiety worse. Second, as it is a budget room, I think the room itself will be smaller than most, and I've been told that the kitchens are also cramped and small. Again, it would increase my levels of anxiety. I don't do well with tight or small spaces because of my anxiety.

    I'm really worried about going now. I'm worried that this will stop me going to university. Does anyone have any advice, or has anyone ever requested a different room or declined their offer? I'd be really grateful for any responses.

    Awww I never went to Bangor but I still think you could reject the accommodation offer. Are there any private halls that would be more suited to you? If not, you could go there for a day trip and take a look a rooms in student houses with student lettings agencies.

    I ended up in a 7 bedroom flat with 6 boys and I am quite introverted and value cleanliness a lot. The state of the bathrooms made me cry, as did the noise at night. Within a week I had much better accommodation and ended up leaving the flat, and that was in late September

    It's not too late to shop around and find accommodation more suited to you.

    I would speak to the accommodation services and make them aware of your situation. I also have anxiety so I kind of have an idea of what you're thinking- it might be set off because you're in a cramped environment.
    On the other hand, you might find you like where you're staying- I guess you might just have to give it a go. I'm sure you'll be able find alternative/private accommodation if you don't like where you're staying- or do you live close enough to maybe commute from home?

    Don't let it put you off uni though!

    I get the feeling you're either referring to Garth building or the older buildings on Fridd (Borth, Cefn-y-Coed, etc).

    As for Garth, I know about 5 years ago there was the "Garth smell", but I haven't heard about that so far in my 2 years at Bangor. It was definitely the clearing building in my first year though. I have two friends who lived in Garth originally, and the only major problem they had was the distance from their friends on Ffridd site; it's only like 5-10 minutes, but that's a big different when normally it would take you 1-2 if on Ffridd.

    As for the older buildings like Y Borth, I loved it there! I lived in P Block during my fresher year and I absolutely loved it! That was mostly due to being lucky enough to get a flat of amazing people that I could bond with, but the only qualm I had was smelling the cigarette smoke when I had my window open (ground floor, near the door). There are many buildings along that way, but noise was never a problem. Now, as for the kitchen size? Yeah, you'll be wanting something bigger, it's rather small for 8 people. That being said though, we did manage to have Christmas dinner with ten people at once!

    As for bedroom size, it can definitely get cramped if you're going to be drying your clothes on a personal rack in the room, but it also depends on how much stuff you're hoping to bring. I was perfectly fine, but I didn't bring all that much, but either way the desk is a nice size.

    If you're going into Reichel, then I have nothing to tell ya, I'm entirely uninformed on that matter :/ But if there's anything else you'd like to ask about anything to do with Bangor, I'm more than happy to help!

    If you're still looking to get out of accommodation, I'm trying to find someone to take my st Mary's room since I'm planning on living with friends because they've had someone drop out and leave them with an extra room. I've been told that I need a student without a contract to take it.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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