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Should I head for a remark?

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    Okay so last year's results for AS were:

    A A B C
    A in english literature
    A in geography (dropped in A2)
    B in biology
    C in chemistry

    This year's final results were :
    A in english
    C in biology
    C in chemistry

    I was so distraught with my results especially since biology went DOWN! and I worked the most for biology! Both my Firm and Insurance rejected me for Pharmacy. Please read this if you have the patience:

    2 years ago I received AS results in the subjects chemistry, biology, english and psychology. I received CDDE. I was so upset and disappointed, following decent GCSE results of 4A*s 4As and 4Bs and generally speaking I was always one of the students that people deemed as the 'smart one'. I let myself down so much, I went home and nobody really quite understood as my friends all did so well. My sister was home at the time and she told me that one of her friends Lets call her Amy went to this 'College X' and that she went to the school I was at, performed badly and went on to study at college X and received AAA. I was like OMG a solution! I honestly just wanted a solution as fast as possible. SO I rung them up and they were like yeah come for an interview tomorrow. The interview was so messy, not even an interview. They gave me the place without really any trying, my sister was so pushy for me to accept this place however.. it came with one thing that still I carry the burden for: cost. It costs 18k for 2 years of A levels. It was an independent school. My parents didnt get involved much and they agreed that they would pay the money and send me here if it helped. I kept thinking of that girl - my sister's friend and how she got similar grades and managed to turn it around with THIS college! So.. big mistake, I accepted.


    A week in I absolutely hated it. I gave the cheque of £3000 and so many times during the first month I wanted to leave but I couldn't face the embarrassment of studying with the year below me in my old school or move to any local other school but most importantly it would have wasted a total non refundable £3000 that my parents work to the grain for. So I said I'm in, i'll give it my best shot. My best friend noticed that the spirit of me so quickly died while I was there. I was;t myself at all.. I would speak to absolutely nobody and nobody would talk to me. I was kind of the freak of that school that nobody bothered to talk to. It was a small v. personal college with only 40 pupils which made it worse. Every lunch whilst everyone was at the common room I would spend time in the toilets till I became known as the 'toilets girl' who would always just hang around there and yes.. even eat there:/. Im surprised I didnt turn to smoking, drinking or anything. I haven't ever done any of that but I did get the urge to become dependent and withdraw myself into something that will give me release. I hated life and so wanted to die. Studies were just not worth it.

    I came back for A2 after my AS results (A A B C). My geography teacher was a RACIST. I am a brown girl with a british background and yes asian roots also. He would make snarky comments on both my religion and background which would belittle me. I didnt let it get to me that much. Infant only my best friend knows about what he had said. When I got my grades, I was surprised that I had done well in english - I expected it from all the hard work that I - can I stress I - put in. 9k went on that year and the teaching was worse than the state school I went to for £0. Biology came as a B, I know I worked hard for biology and needed to push a bit further and chemistry well one exam I got an E. So I kind of expected overall C.

    After A2 the teaching got worse, the teachers didnt even bother trying anymore. I got an E in my biology prac. We had no study leave and were strictly told we had to come in for pointless lessons when the exams were just around the corner. So to break all this down for you if you reached this far:

    BIOLOGY BY1 I got - 92 B (96 was an A)
    BY2 106 A
    BY3 - A
    BY4 94 B (96 was an A)
    BY5 38 U
    BY5 dragged my whole grade down to a C. I know I didnt get a U for that exam. I did try, but not as hard as BY4. I would have guessed BY5 to be atleast a D being realistic.


    CH1 - B (4 marks off an A)
    CH2 -B 93 (3 marks off an A)
    CH3 - B (1 mark off an A)
    CH4 - C
    CH5 - 42 U
    Again, CH5 I know I underperformed to the usual abilities but I did not think it was a U. If anything, I would have said a D.

    So there you have it guys.
    18k wasted.
    A level grades that I could have got without spending that much and which were all down to me - teachers didnt even lift a finger
    One girl who had countless nights of sleep over finances and now thinking how much of a waste of money all that was.

    Idek if this is about a remark. But I know that I just need to get something out of this cause I feel hopeless. I let my family down and myself down.

    honestly have no idea what to say to you - i hope you get out of this
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    (Original post by gomc)
    honestly have no idea what to say to you - i hope you get out of this
    ah man. Thanks I hope so too.

    Why didn't you report the racist teacher?

    Why not send for photocopies of the papers you feel you did better in and go from there?

    It is too late to get photocopies back - the deadline was yesterday.
    There's no point worrying about unit grades, look at how close you were to overall grade boundaries. If you are close (and that means within 5 UMS) of the next grade then it would be worth trying one.
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