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GCSE student wisdom

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    Sup Doods
    I got 5A*s, 4As, 2Bs for my GCSEs
    And I’m here to pass on my mediocre wisdom to new GCSE students.

    Essentially the amount you study and revise trumps over effort, brains, luck and rich parents.
    More hours = higher grades. This is the same for most subjects at GCSE.
    Its that simple if you can efficiently study: How each subjects offers marks and the subject knowledge for your course.
    Also to understand the importance and weight of coursework. Coursework will be a pain in your back or even the bane of your results if you don’t put in the effort and work it needs. On the majority of my Final exam results i got A*s however due to my lacklustre coursework they were all degraded to much more inferior results .

    Here are my more subjects specific comments:

    Chemistry, Physics, Biology: Revise the revision guide to the closest detail. A single sentence at the corner of the page will come up as a six mark question in the exam and you will panic. Try and remember everything you learn and get decent coursework results as they will support your final grades.

    Computing: Simply understand how to code from earlier in the course so all the coding / algorithmic work will be easy. The computing syllabus isn’t very complicated nor hard so just remember basic ideas which pop up in every exam and be prepared for them. And again i emphasise on the fact that coursework is important.

    Mathematics:Maths is either terribly easy or hard for people if its too easy for you skip this part, if you struggle my main tip for you is repetition: just do the same kind of questions till you get bored of them, continue doing that and by the exam you will be able to answer all questions in your sleep. Try not to panic at questions you don’t understand in the exam - just skip them and go through them at the end when your head is refreshed.

    Statistics:This GCSE is a joke. It has such a large overlap with mathematics and has a tiny syllabus. It's inferior. Just remember the name of graphs and do decently on the coursework.

    Geography: Don’t take this GCSE. This subject alone siphoned half of my revision time nearer to exam week because of the stupidly abundant case studies. Its ridiculous. ( 31 case studies x about 23 or so individual fact per case study = 713 individual facts / values )And a 20 hour coursework.However if you have a nice memory and good dedication its not that bad because it isn’t very tricky question wise (e.g 8marks = 3 paragraphs)

    History:If you enjoy history you will be fine. Just memorise the facts and answer the questions how they are meant to be answered in.

    English Language, English Literature:This subject exam is literally just understand the mark scheme and how to answer each question. The coursework is pretty tedious just try your hardest and get better at writing.

    Spanish:Just learn the language.

    Good Luck.

    If you just got your GCSE results do you have any wisdom you want to pass on?If so post it below.
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Updated: August 27, 2016
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