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Brilliant article on the depressing Labour party

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    This pretty much articulates to me everything that is going on with Labour perfectly.

    I really urge supporter of Smith or Corbyn to read it.
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    This too.

    This combination — of high personal ambition and the lack of a permanent belief system — is exactly the right attribute for someone whose purpose is to be a placeholder for the Blairite counter-revolution.
    This is something I can't agree with Paul Mason on, and many other left wing journalists too. I'm somebody who is open minded when it comes to politics and I don't feel that I am ideologically predisposed to vote against someone like Corbyn. But why does he place so much emphasis on Smith's background? Why does it actually matter how much money somebody has made or what they did in the past? It doesn't indicate their potential to be a successful politician or governor of the people.

    This is probably an unpopular opinion, because it runs counter to what people seem to believe about democracy today, that you must have the democratic mandate to rule (i.e. one single vote from each individual every four to five years) - being successful or intelligent is, on the contrary, not a sufficient reason to rule and people will hold that against you if you are any of those things. Nonetheless, I'm pretty humble in my own ignorance, as I believe Paul Mason ought to be too.

    I take the same issue with tabloids who have recently published an article about Corbyn's salary. It's just irrelevant to me. More important is to provide a critique of his failing leadership qualities - go into more detail about what they are (and they are there to be picked at, that's for sure). Inequality of opportunity is much more important than basic inequality of politicians and members of the public.

    I agree, good article. My outlook is slightly more optimistic for the left however.
    To facilitate the illusion that this is about two left wingers with marginal disagreements, something else had to go quiet: the tabloid media. There has been almost no right-wing criticism of Smith’s faux-left programme in the papers.Normally, if a Labour figure stood up and, from thin air, plucked a £200bn spending pledge based on a wealth tax, the Sun, the Mail and the Telegraph would have reporters going through his bin-bags.It’s the same 0ver Smith’s call for a second referendum. The pr0-Brexit tabloids would normally be eviscerating any Labour figure who called, effectively, for people to be made to “vote until they vote the right way”. But they’re silent over this.[...]This summer of Labour right omertà reached its nadir yesterday when Smith inadvertently blurted out that he wanted Britain to negotiate “round the table” with ISIS.Corbyn immediately and clearly rejected the idea. If Corbyn had said it though, the right would have screamed blue murder. It was quietly put to bed by Fleet Street, with a retraction. Instead the headlines were about Corbyn failing to recognise a picture of B-list celebrities Ant and Dec, with the New Statesman rushing out an immediate condemnation of Corbyn’s alleged “disrespect for popular culture”
    This means Corbyn has effectively pulled the national conversation to the left, which is what I voted for him for. That's the problem with socialism, it makes so much sense that as soon as someone speaks up it's actually quite easy to do this, which is why the right is constantly fighting a rearguard propaganda action, having to keep the tabloids on side, ensuring left-wing figures are locked out etc as described in the article.

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    It seems there is something about them that is destined to be contorted with factionalism and hatred for good., it's very disheartening. One thing I really can't stand is the fakely high minded, we need to have X policies because there is a dangerous Tory government, and the social conscience of Labour needs to be in power, when X policies are economically right, and the associated vitriol, when really all it is to do with is personal power. Why not just join, or vote Tory? It's a fake distinction, and the moral caricatures are fake, and driven by a superficial sense of being right on or a socially acceptable dislike of the Tories. Especially so, and absurdly so,when Labour establishment seems to hate genuine democracy and the left and the voice of most people it should represent.

    Peter Hitchens, when told the Labour advisors were in tears over Brexit, said 'That's really good to hear. Those people who'd ignored their voters and members for 20years'.

    This sums up my feelings about them, and when seeing how centred they are around London and Europe and don't give a damn about this country, and how they lost Scotland, and betrayed unionism, I am disgusted by them and would rather vote Tory.

    How can people permanently carp at Corbyn as the root of all evil, and remain so utterly uncritical of Iraq, and worst of all, the spectacular feat of losing all their vote in Scotland, and devolution, which fuelled the possible break up of the union. How can they think the solution is second referendums to the swathes of Brexit voters across the north who they lost and who hate them.


    This is interesting, Hatton highlights the same as the second Mason article. That the situation now is not the same as then 80's one and that Corbyn isn't comparable to Foot. In fact it seems there are parallells between Owen Smith and Kinnock, and the fact that there is more support for the other movement in Labour. I think Owen would get equally trounced in an election.
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