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Do you want to abolish university tuition fees and have a free education?

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    (Original post by samzy21)
    If 'yes' then please sign the petition from the link below so we no longer have to pay tuition fees. Education should be free for life not just up to the age of 18.


    The more signatures the better so please spread the word.

    The deadline is February 2017
    Yes I want them to be free but you have to show how that can be paid for its many billions of pounds per year.

    I also want the numbers of places cut

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    (Original post by DanB1991)
    It's weird how anti people are against this.

    By comparison Mexico and many third world countries can fun an entirely free university system.....
    not really much of advert for a policy when you say third world countries do it. Maybe that's why they are third world countries because their universities arn't properly funded?

    A much better argument would be to say Germany have practically no fees. (but this is for very good reasons)

    (Original post by DanB1991)
    By comparison Mexico and many third world countries can fun an entirely free university system.....
    You want the Mexican system?

    A system that has no research money?
    A system that has almost no graduate students?
    A system that produces graduates who make no money, even the medics?
    A system that requires you to in fact work for free for basically a year or two after graduation?
    A system that has a 70% dropout rate?

    And even with these in mind, it's not even free for everyone. Only the public universities are free and they can't take everyone in.

    I would say the old tuition fees (£3375, for which I was in the last year group to receive before it went up to £9000) is about right in terms of both sides getting what they want (to an extent). For students it means less debt when they graduate and universities still get money to provide tuition, learning resources and maintenance of facilities.

    I don't think the standard of tuition (at least at the uni I went to) changed in any way when the fees went up so I feel for students who are effectively paying for the same thing but at nearly three times the price (and that's excluding rent, food shopping, travel etc.). At the same time I think completely abolishing tuition fees would encourage higher dropout rates (because there isn't a financial loss), also it could degrade the value of a university degree even further.

    So basically I just think tuition fees should be brought back down to what they were before.
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Updated: September 4, 2016
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