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Musician Alison Chabloz pulled from Edinburgh Festival Fringe for anti-Israel stance

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Further proof of Jewish power in Britain. Suppressing free speech, ruining peoples careers and lives.

    Both you and the situation are ridiculous.

    Ken Livingstone is that you?

    Anyway I've reported all your anti-semetic posts, time to go back to reddit/4chan


    So not as Palestinian as your username would suggest.

    Deity give me strength

    Some context and a source would be nice, rather than just posting an unsourced claim and expecting everyone to be appalled.

    (Original post by #Ridwan)
    Some context and a source would be nice, rather than just posting an unsourced claim and expecting everyone to be appalled.
    Whether she had her arrangements "withdrawn" seems to be a matter of dispute, with her as the only source. She's clearly an absolute lunatic, so that's hardly reliable.

    What is certainly the case is that she's a horrendous human being. Look at this post on her blog, for example. She quotes an article saying "Jews invented, crammed down our throats" what it calls the "Holocaust Lie". Apparently Jews have invented a "Holocaust money-making machine" that has apparently brought them "tremendous advantages". Her entire blog is littered with this sort of thing.

    The backdrop is that several acts from Israel have been hounded out of the Edinburgh Festival in recent years by Palestinian flag-waving thugs, for the crime of coming from a country they hate. We're not even talking political comedians here, but dancers. There's a shameful element of this sort of antisemitism in central Scotland that's been quietly simmering away.
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Updated: August 29, 2016
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