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Balancing Working Hard and Pressure with Maintaining Good Mental Health

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    Hello there,
    So after spending a lot of time in hospital for MH issues, I am finally better enough to go to college. I am 18, and despite being 'weller' I am concerned about the effect college will have on me. I know you must work hard to achieve good results and that is what I would like but I do not want to sacrifice my MH. I've worked hard to get this far I don't want to blow it. However, I do not want to put my all into my study if that means I'll have to stop college due to a stress related relapse.
    Does anyone have any tips on striking a good balance between studying and ensuring a positive outlook and continuing good mental health? I know dips happen, I have a mood disorder so they 9/10 will happen but I can cope with them now but I'm worried about the effect of college on that.
    I really hope what I have written makes sense.

    Get enough sleep and exercise is one for me because when I didn't workout before bed I wouldn't sleep well and woke up feeling really bad which would take me out of school for a day.
    Also revise from early on so you don't pressure yourself trying to cram before exams.
    Set aside time for yourself so
    9 till 5 should STRICTLY be for school. From 5 onwards treat yourself, watching movies or whatever you like, but remember before that put 100% into school efforts.
    Drink water too, enough water (minimum half of your body weight in pounds and use this value in ounces eg if you weigh 150lbs, drink 75 ounces of water or 2.1 litres)
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    Thank you so much! I guess these things are logical but I really need to be reminded of them. I like the 9-5 thing too!Thanks again
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Updated: August 28, 2016
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