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Is £26000 a good salary for an 18 year old?

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    It's a very good amount for an 18-year old. I would say that it's enough to live on if you share a flat in some of the less affluent areas of London (if you live in London) that is furnished and has utilities and council tax included. I think it'd be difficult to live on that salary if you wanted to live by yourself. Most people commute into London from the Home Counties; it's generally cheaper even with the price of a season ticket. If you work outside of London then even better.

    If you wanted to buy property or you wanted to buy a decent car it may be harder, however. If you live with your parents then you could probably do whatever you want.

    (Original post by CloakedSpartan)
    I'm not an adult so I'm obviously not entirely experienced but I'd say it's a fairly good salary anywhere tbh for an 18 year old.

    As for whether it's liveable - even in London, it should be, though you may be in a very small studio flat or need flatmates. Outside of London, definitely. £26000 in the UK gets you quite far compared to say $26000 in the USA
    Woah, you mean £26k and $26k aren't the same amount?! it's almost like they're different amounts of money or something!


    Pretty sure no one is thinking about renting on their own on £27k

    you'd ideally want atleast 3 house mates and pay no more than £200 a week on rent

    (Original post by rimstone)
    it really isnt ...
    outside london its great, in london expect to live with your mum for the next few years .
    I know people making £30k+ still living with their parent, since its not enough to be independent in london.
    As long as you house share in Zone 2/3 and don't bomb £200 a week on going out then £30k is more than workable
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Updated: September 7, 2016
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