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Is the European Commission too white?

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    The controversy over France’s burkini ban has thrown the spotlight on issues of diversity, integration and multiculturalism.

    The European Commission, while being quick to push initiatives such as its diversity charter, and legislation to ensure gender balance in company boardrooms does not record the ethnicity or religion of its officials.

    At today’s midday press briefing EurActiv.com asked the Commission how it was able to ensure an administration that was truly representative of the diversity of modern Europe without such monitoring.

    Watch the video to find out what Deputy Chief Spokesman Alexander Winterstein had to say on the subject.

    The exchange also sparked a lively debate on Twitter – so we asked the Brussels bubble if the Commission was too white.


    One of the questions was incredibly stupid - asking why they don't record ethnicity (he actually seems to mean race here) of employees to ensure diversity because "my observation, after five years of being in Brussels, is that most of the people working here are White". What did you expect from Europe? Even the US has, at the moment, a white majority; most European nations have an even larger white majority.

    The European Commission are a bunch of tyrants

    I think somebody is forgetting Europe is white...

    *Significant Majority
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    Is anyone else concerned at the Americanisation of European politics?

    Lets build a wall around the US, to keep them and their silly ideas from spreading to Europe.
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Updated: August 28, 2016
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