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Germany expects another 300,000 migrants this year?

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    Since the war in the Middle East, many people have been displaced from their homes as a result of persecution and violence at the hands of Islamic State and foreign bombs. Last year, Germany saw an unprecedented 1,000,000 people come their country as a result of the war in Syria, although Angela Merkel has since said that they she expects "most of them to go home once the war is over".

    There's no doubt we should be helping the genuine refugees who have been displaced by the ongoing war in the Middle East, however data records show that almost 80% of those who cross the border into Europe are men and many of them are travelling to Europe in hope of a better life as oppose to fleeing bloodshed. Angela Merkel's immigration policy, therefore, might not be targeting the most vulnerable while putting immense pressure on public services and ordinary citizens.

    As a result of the migrant crisis and Europe's inability to respond accordingly, the rise of populism has become of pertinence throughout the western world.

    - In Germany, the AFD are now the third biggest party in the election polls which may seriously threatens the incumbent CDU's coalition in 2017.

    - In The Netherlands, the PVV are polling at number one and their leader has recently said that he would close all Mosques and ban the Koran.

    - In France, the Front National are leading in the French opinion polls, with Sarkozy, assumed nominee for the UMP who is polling in second, has also said that he would ban the Burrkini nationwide.

    - In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party are likely to win the election later this year after the result earlier this year was overturned as a result of electoral fraud.

    - In Hungary, Fidez, the leading party, have already expressed their unwillingness to accept Muslim migrants and one of their MEP's suggest putting pigs' heads on their border fence.

    - In Poland, the leading party are a far right nationalist party have also said that they will not accept Muslim migrants.

    Is Angela Merkel responsible for the destruction of Europe?
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Updated: August 28, 2016
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