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Getting in Financial mathematics

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    Hi guys I recently graduated in Economics + Finance achieving a 2.1 and planning on going into risk management. While looking completing some part of External qualifications such GARP's 'Financial Risk Manager' Qualification along with PRMIA's 'Professional Risk management' Designation in my gap year, I decided that there would be no point to complete either of these qualifications along with both a MSC in Financial risk management as most firms look for something like MSC Financial Mathematics along with the risk management qualification instead

    My main issue here is the level of maths in my BA and the fact that i didn't do A level maths would make it very tough for me to get into a Fin Maths MSc. The PRM qualifications 2nd exam does cover alot of maths such as calculus, linear mathematics, matrix algebra etc etc however i was more learning towards the GARP qualification due to the reputation of the certification. GARP's FRM does have a high level of maths in it but isn't as quantitative as the PRM however i don't want to compromise on an entire qualification just because one has an entire exam based on maths while the other incorporates it through its syllabus

    There is also an non member exam by the UK actuary board CT1 Financial mathematics which i can use to bump up my level of maths and make it easier for me to get into a masters.If i was to complete my CT1 before the end of 2016 and complete by FRM qualification in 2017 (may/November) would this be sufficent enough for me to get into a Fin Maths MSC

    You need to be comfortable with things like stochastic calculus or ito's lemma etc

    If you are fine with those, the MSc should be easy for you



    I have a MSc in finance and econometrics, so a lot of stuff overlaps (especially on the financial econometrics side)

    Just be very solid on linear algebra, statistical theory (martingales, central limit theorem, law of large numbers), and calculus (partial derivatives, differentiation, integration, limits)
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Updated: August 28, 2016
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