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Hating a teacher

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    (Original post by ihatePE)
    it's a waste of my time, i could be revising.
    I didn't even choose GCSE PE but still have to do a compulsory 5 hours per fortnight (same as Year 7 and Year 8), like wtf? I could be spending those quality 5 hours doing something productive, but no, instead I have to run a mile in cold torrential rain (they actually made us do this once, ended up getting incredibly ill).

    I despised this warty witch.
    She was a music teacher in primary school who laughed at me after saying I wanted to play an instrument. "You think you can play that? *laughs* You'll never be as good as those girls" I was 6.
    Needless to say, her precious students ('those girls') gave up playing their violins and piano playing and joined the sports teams
    I've been playing the piano for 7 years...and I love it!

    (Original post by grassntai)
    Is there a teacher you hated you still remember today?

    There was one vile teacher I had who would always take slight digs at my intelligence and told my parents in parents evening I was not the brightest. Now I finished school I had a look at her Facebook and found she went to a polytechnic while I'm going to a Russell Group and that gives me immense satisfaction. Is it bad to feel this way?

    I have so much pent up anger towards this teacher... They're part of why I had such low self-esteem at school.
    Trust me! some teachers can turn out to be ultimate snakes and are nasty. I think secretly they hate to see other pupils do well. I was told I was setting myself up for failure. Always remain modest and keep your wits about you...sometimes people are good at exams and go to top unis some have the same intelligence but not great in the exams and end up in lower tier unis.

    Well done about getting into an RG!!!l

    just wish your teacher well and move on with your life...some people can never turn from the pain a vile teacher did to them!

    this is a chapter in your story to you journey to success!
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Updated: September 9, 2016
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