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Applying as a new student

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    I'm a student who previously applied for student finance. I finished my first year and in between, took a gap year. Now, as I have been offered a place, I plan to study with a completely new course and at a new school. I have already advised SFE of this, and they said that I need to apply as a new student, not a returning one. The problem is that I don't know how to do it. Whenever I log on to my student finace account and apply for student finance, I'm being provided with the following options choice order:
    -Apply for student finance
    -Higher education
    -Full Time
    -Information for returning students
    And in the whole process, there is no option to apply as a new student. In overall, I recreated just another application with the returning student background, which will require again removal. So considering things up, I would ask of you to specifically advise me on what I need to click on or submit, in order to apply as a new student.

    I would like to thank you very much for any support provided.

    Same thing happened to me. I applied back in april as a returning student. (Ive already had 1 year of funding before) 3 days ago, they told me i need to apply as a new student so had my application deleted. I re-applied yesterday and again it came through as a returning student. Called them today and TURNS OUT IT WAS RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Now im leaving for uni in 3 weeks with no finance sorted out because THEY told me my application was wrong. WHEN IT WASNT!
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    Thank you, I will try submitting another application the same way as before. It's a shame to hear that such things happen, especially, that since April till now, everything should be sorted just fine. My sympathies and thanks again.

    Hi there.

    It's entirely dependent on the information your uni(s) provide to us.

    If you've completely withdrawn from the previous uni, then they should have already advised us of this, without this the system will recognise the previous app is still valid and deal with you as a returner.

    If you have transferred to a new Uni, then they should have sent over information to state you are a transfer and we can actually still accept you as a returner.

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    Now this adds a lot of sense to this case. Thank you!
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Updated: August 30, 2016
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