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    What do Bristol want?

    People who are more academic or people who will contribute more to uni life?

    Obviously you need to be both but some schools are more academic (Oxbridge, Imperial etc) than others.

    What is Bristol Uni?


    The law version of this was helpful for me, hopefully this will help.*

    Bristol love to see that you're a well rounded person - IIRC an entire paragraph of my personal statement was devoted to talking about extra-curricular activities I did. Sure some of them involved medicine related things (running the med/psych society at my sixth form) but they're very interested in seeing a broad spectrum of interests. I think the thought is that somebody who is dedicated only to their course, studying etc with no extracurriculars is very likely to suffer burn out.

    Can only speak for law and my interview, but they're interested in how you can give back to the wider student body/your peers on your course/the faculty.

    Extra-curriculars, volunteering, any insightful and interesting (work) experiences you have had related to the discipline you wish to study.

    I'm a mature student, so I've worked for a number of years & wrote a paragraph about my work roles.
    I gave a brief explanation of my work roles & the additional responsibilities I sought out or projects I started. I then directly linked each of them with how they enabled me to witness & participate in the law in action & how these developer a) my understanding of the law & b) my desire to study law.

    You won't be able to go into as much depth, but for example, if you've volunteered in a palliative care home, you could comment on how it made you understand the wider contribution doctors and healthcare make to society. (I think that is pertinent given the Junior Doctor Contract dispute and NHS reform.) Also, how each demographic group has particular needs, and in this case, that would be the elderly and how there is an overlap with physical and mental disabilities (requiring integrated care).

    I would probably try and link healthcare to social care here (especially as healthcare, including both the commissioning and delivery of care, in the UK is moving towards greater integrated care). In this case, you could say that you saw that being a doctor is a separate but integral part of the social care provided within communities.

    Or maybe one of your work experiences could be evidence of how you work well under pressure / with time constraints, which can link to both your ability to cope with an intense course like medicine but also working as a doctor.

    I've written a lot of commentary, but I think that's how you need to flesh out your experiences and think bigger about why medicine/becoming a doctor.

    If I were an admissions person, I'd want to see someone with a thoughtful and well-developed understanding of medicine that includes its impact within society. I'd want to see evidence of a desire to study medicine beyond a God complex (saving a life - well, firefighters and ambulance staff also do that) / a basic desire to help people (because if that's your motivation, you could become a teacher, a nurse, a physio, or whatever) / tackling disease etc.
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