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Graduation ceremony! (What's it like? - Anxious)

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    Thanks for the replies!

    Nah, not laughable at all. Actually, a lot of people are nervous about it, and a ton of students are paranoid about tripping and falling on their faces when they get up on stage. I've been university staff for years and attend a ton of graduations—I've never seen that happen. If it should happen, rest assured that everyone is so focussed on their own thing (or on their friends, relatives, whoever they are there to see) that they are highly unlikely to notice. The ceremonies are scheduled to be 1 hour and 15 minutes long, so the 10:30am ceremony will leave the cathedral at 11:45am. It really doesn't last that long and you are only on the stage for a few seconds. Enjoy your graduation!

    Honestly just try to enjoy the day instead of worrying and dreading it. It's a moment you should be extremely proud of and the atmosphere is great. When you get there and see so many other students in the exact same position, you will hopefully be able to control your nerves and enjoy the moment.

    I was an extremely anxious person throughout my teen years, even in uni presentations, but uni and the struggle of securing grad employment has helped me overcome it. Now irl I feel nothing instead of nerves it's great.
    I still feel anxious when I get a phone call and calling back recruiters etc, but I literally just prepare what I'm going to say and talk with confidence. You will quickly find that you need to gain confidence or learn to fake it, otherwise you'll be held back in your career and you cannot keep living like that.

    I was in seat B12 2nd row from the front and seeing the crowd behind me didn't make me nervous at all. It was exciting because everyone is uniform in their gowns and you feel just like everyone else.

    You are on the stage for 5 seconds and everyone claps for you and you will feel so accepted and honored. Yes, the camera shows you on t.v screens.
    Do your makeup good and wear a nice outfit, whatever makes you feel and look fabulous.

    My ceremony was 7.30pm until 8.50ish. Then you're led out of the cathedral to the drinks reception and the crowd are all smiling and clapping for you. It's such a proud and fabulous moment. Keep a positive outlook and enjoy!! You have plenty of time to prepare for it.
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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